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Alex Barone, the founder of this revolutionary project, which is the symbol of the Italian excellence world-wide, boasts a thirty years old experience plus an inborn ability to create innovation, both in the nautical and in the maritime sector. He followed in his father's footsteps since he was a young boy, forging ahead with his career and becoming, at age 24, Captain of the Italian Merchant Navy. He subsequently took care of his family’s company business, which was focused on constructions and started his career as consultant at the Rodriquez Cantieri Navali in Messina, a worldwide leader, in the 90’s, in the production of hydrofoils, ferries and defence boats. He then took part in several successful projects , moving back and forth between Miami and Dubai, focusing his own attention on innovative technologies. Sea enthusiast and successful sportsman, he boasts the title of Italian, European and World Offshore Champion and was awarded the Gold medal for Sporting Merit. In his career, he received several recognitions, two of which at a world-wide level. He has been considerably increasing his knowledge of the yachting sector over the years until today and has come to the conclusion that all the solutions that are becoming a trend in this sector are focused on increasing the walkable areas.

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Spiaggetta Gonfiabile Concept - pianta_e

"The first sketch of my idea ..."

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But his passion led him to seek direct contact to the sea, trying to recreate a cozy, comfortable and pleasant boating experience. Being aware of all this, he then designed and developed a new and exclusive brand, the “Yacht Extension”, a brand that proudly represents the products that are exclusively manufactured in Italy and that are the symbol of the Italian style all over the world.

“Being successful is always a matter of cooperation beetween all the members of a winning team” is what he stated when he was interviewed. That's why he has always surronded himself with highly skilled professionals, who received an international education and whose efforts are focused on different branches of the boating industry, on innovative technologies and innovative designs.

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