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Hotel Resort & Beach Club, Spa & Pool

Enjoy the sea in your exclusive Hotel Resort & Beach Club, Pool or SPA.
The inflatable Luxury Island Privé to be positioned with simple anchor just a few metres from the shore the beach Cabana Gazebo of Vip customers on the sea or in the pool or in the Spa.
Luxury Island Privè is en exclusive oasis to enjoy the sea in total privacy, upmost comfort and full freedom, allowing the guests to be “cradled” by the sea, sunbathe, swim in a pool with a net protecting from the risk of jellyfish, have
a drink with friends. It is also ideal for families with children or teens
and exponentially increases the number of customers by extending the spaces available both at sea and in the pool  and Spa. Luxury Island Prive' is equipped with an array of luxury  floating bar accessories  to allow the VIP guest
to enjoy  unique, outstanding exciting  breakfast, aperitive,
light lunch and party on the water.

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