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Yacht Extension

Luxury Custom Automatic Yacht Extension Self Inflating Platform

Yacht Extension®  was created by aiming at only one goal, that is to massively develop the outdoor space available on leisure boats when anchored or beached, without using permanent bulky structures or too complex terraces folding out of the hull which limit the walkable area on the boat itself, as we have recently seen with the latest technologies adopted by the vast majority of yacht and leisure boats builders.

5_Azienda sostituzione.JPG

After carefully studying all the possible solutions, for more than two years, we have invented an automated inflatable extension, which was engineered with the aid of the latest and most modern technologies and which is capable of folding out while still being anchored at sea and which then, after being used, can be quickly deflated in order to avoid finicky and complex manouvering.

Yacht Extension is a sheer rigid inflatable expansion, which was engineered in two different ways: it can both be made portable and stored into an elegant and modern-shaped container or bag and it can also be custom-built into the stern transom garage of the boat or into the aft-decks.

The custom model can be built according to the customer's requests and different sizes and types are also available. It is designed for medium and large sized yachts and was designed for those ship builders who wish to integrate their products while they are still in construction.

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