All products can be equipped with severals accessories such as storage bag, canopy, drink holder, ladder, cushions, piped music, Jacuzzi and customizable cover.


The material used for the awning is a solution dyed acrylic fiber fabric produced from a weaving, revisited and carefully tested for the use of waterproof covers and is suitable for marine environment.

Of excellent breathability, therefore resinated 100% waterproof.


Designed and created to provide the linear, elegant product, with maximum comfort.

Quilted Cover

Rivestimento Trapuntato.png

The high quality upholstery material TROPICAL is really an innovation among those products usually designed for outdoor water activities. With the “Fresh Colors” technology applied, it reduces the heat build-up of the surface when exposed to direct sunlight (especially for dark colors).

The nano coating on the surface makes the material extremely weather, UV and dirt resistant.

As an alternative to the TROPICAL we propose the new SUNNY the high quality and performance acrylic elastic terry made.

Eye Bar.png

Eye Bar

The floating eye-shaped bar is specially designed for cocktail parties directly in the pool, sea or SPA.

Thanks to its shape, you can put finger food and snacks on its large surface.


The perforated plexiglass plate of the floating bar holds glasses and buckets with bottles in complete safety without any risk of knocking them over.


This product maintains its quality over time and, thanks to its cover in certified eco-leather and its handles in nautical rope, the floating eye-shaped bar is a functional accessory both inside and outside water.

Cover Box Package Hi Tech - Special Edition

Cover Box Package Hi Tech


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